Some people can go a whole lifetime in the right job, they’re known as the lucky ones… these people are also very hard to come by!

In fact, by the time people even realise they have ended up in the wrong job or career path, they feel it may be too late to retrain or move sectors.

Once the responsibility of bills, family or the security of a monthly wage come into the equation, you can start to see why people just tend to stick it out, whether happy or not in their career.

Perhaps you’ve never even thought about it, but we’ve put together a little guide with some tips that may tell you whether you’re in the right job, or if you’re not… then what you can do about it!


Am I in the right job?

Of course, people have different views on life, but there are usually a bunch of tell-tale signs to tell you you’re in a job that is right for you.

These can include;

  • It doesn’t feel like work.
  • Whether you simply love your job, or you find every shift a doddle, these things could suggest you’re enjoying it!
  • You enjoy work so much, the shift is over before it seems like it’s even started.
  • Your work is flexible around your life.
  • You’re always learning.

Taken for granted by so many, if you have a job that allows you to take holidays when you want them, or have multiple days off, then you’re in a good position.

You may also have the benefit of being able to swap shifts with other co-workers, to ensure you have the best possible life outside of work.

There’s no more missing that gig you wanted to see, worrying about expensive childcare, or cutting that holiday short due to lack of time off.

Something that can’t be stressed enough when you’re young. You should always be on the hunt to improve your CV, whether that’s from training, volunteering or in-house training.

Too many plateaux or opt to stay in a company with no opportunities for promotion. Whilst you stick around, the rest of the field will be getting a head start on you, and in the competitive world of today’s job market, your inexperience could become a real stumbling block.


…and some telltale signs you’re in the wrong job:

  • You don’t like or can’t trust your co-workers
  • Your knowledge and expertise falls on death ears
  • You are underpaid compared to others in the same profession
  • It is affecting your social and/or family life outside of work
  • It is effecting your mental health
  • You find shifts boring, the standard workday seems to drag on forever
  • There is no chance of progression
  • Job security is limited, you could be laid off at any time

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