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Our Compliance Statement

Here at NTR we take compliance with legislation and industry standards extremely seriously. Offering a total commitment to our clients to ensure that all our workers are recruited and supplied to the standards required by the Home Office.
National Temping Recruitment Mechanic Wiring
National Temping Recruitment Mechanic Wiring

Our Ethical Statement

What is ethical recruitment and why does it matter?

Everyone recognises the importance of dealing with companies and people who are open, honest, transparent, and professional. In the world of recruitment, the importance of those qualities can have a major impact on lives of individuals and companies. Sloppy practice, poor service and ‘filling a role at any cost’ can lead to untold issues for both candidates and clients – so getting it right and adopting an ethical approach to recruitment is not just a ‘nice to have’ but an essential element of running a successful agency.

Respect, honesty and transparency

Being open and honest in everything we do is perhaps our top priority at NTR. That includes our PR and marketing, the way we deal with clients and candidates, our fee structures, and the ‘extra mile’ we travel with everyone to ensure we get the right match and a successful outcome. For instance, we would never put a candidate forward to a client unless they had been interviewed, either by phone or face to face. There can be no short cuts in our profession.

Respect for laws and compliance – the legislation in our sector is hefty and there are statutory and non-statutory requirements to meet.

Respect for work relationships – the best interests of our clients and candidates are always our number one priority. If we do not think the match is quite right, we would not promote it simply to secure a fee – it’s just not the way we work.

NTR is proud to support several local charities individual sponsorship including Santa’s a Gangster, local boxer Les Sheatt, Widness Vikings, a local kids Rugby club and a local homeless shelter for young adults.

So why test the ethics of a recruitment agency?

Here at NTR we take the time to get to know every one of our clients and our candidates and we make a tailor package that suits everyone’s individual needs.
NTR will always strive to be the best ethnical recruitment company you can trust.


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