So what are the Prospects and Challenges that are faced along with Construction Jobs?

Construction jobs always has and always will provide many prospects and challenges in terms of recruitment for the economy. Recruitment levels are quite high in construction, however, finding the right people for the job can also prove to be difficult if they don’t have the relevant experience.

Say a new housing estate is due to be built on an underdeveloped piece of land such as an old farm, there are many recruitment prospects such as planning, infrastructure and construction of houses. The planning will require much labour as everything will need to be perfect to comply with laws such as health and safety and the infrastructure will require a lot of people to be recruited so that new roads leading from other roads can be built. This could perhaps even extend further to other industries such as a train station being installed nearby. Recruitment would be vital for a new housing estate so that the construction company can meet their customers by providing a great quality home whilst making ease of access a priority for them.

The challenges to recruitment in a new housing estate development can be vast. If the houses are not selling, construction can simply come to a halt and the workers can be let go or moved to a different site which may be further for them to travel. The inconvenience of never having a set place to work can be strenuous on a builder, therefore, the recruitment process would have to ensure that they are prepared to travel around to the needs of the business. This would ensure that the company don’t hire any workers that aren’t prepared to meet the needs of the business, therefore, improving the prospects of recruitment as a whole.

Another challenge to construction recruitment is productivity levels. If the workforce isn’t motivated and delegated properly by their line manager’s productivity can be lowered meaning the building takes longer, therefore, costing more in total. To combat this challenge at the recruitment stage, the workforce must be carefully selected by the building company to ensure that they are only recruiting people willing to work for them so that productivity can be addressed at the grass-root level! Increased productivity is a great prospect for any construction company as the companies who can build the fastest, normally get the best contracts and also the best recruitment!