The nights are drawing in, the temperatures are dropping by the minute, but some things never change… working outside in construction.

If you work in construction, then these tips should help you get through the sub-zero winters without worry!


Wrap up warm

It goes without saying, but warm clothing can make the outside world seem so much more bearable. Dependant on the uniform you are required to wear, you can at least prepare with thermal under layers.

A thick coat that doesn’t affect your movement and is waterproof can be a real help. Wear gloves whenever possible, and make sure you have some insulated boots or shoes, preferably ones that have Gore-Tex technology.


Be sensible at break and lunchtimes

You may have spent hours out in the open-air, so whatever chance you get to go inside, take it… Not only will it warm your body temperature, but it will help refresh your mind and body, and prepare for the next stint of outdoor work. Think fresh air after being stuck inside all day, but the opposite.

Try not to wear all of your layers inside, however, as you won’t feel the benefits, (as your dear Mother would say!) When you get outside, make sure you are all wrapped up again.


Health and Safety is paramount

With cold spells come more risks. Not only is your body at risk due to the temperature, but the weather can make surfaces slippery if they become iced over.

Machinery may not function as well as it normally does, whilst handling any equipment may become extremely difficult.
Not only should this be of great importance to construction workers, but those overlooking the job should also take great care and detail in ensuring the safety of their staff.

If risk assessments aren’t carried out properly, then the risk of severe injury is intensified, and some companies simply won’t want the hassle of a compensation claim on their hands.


Take in hot food and beverages

Keeping warm can also come in the form of food and drink. For lunches try to opt for soups and hot or warmed up meals, whilst hot coffee, chocolate or tea can all provide warmth from the cold.


Try and share the workload

If you work in a big team, with some working indoors, try and shift slide so you can each take a turn outdoors. This will ensure that productivity is high, and the effects of the cold spell aren’t too much to bear.

The above points are just a snippet of what can be done to cope with the cold snap in construction work. As always, make sure you are aware of your rights when working in the cold, if something doesn’t seem right, it probably isn’t.

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