Recruitment is a big game, we’ve probably all been approached by a recruitment agency at some point, whether we realise it or not. The major businesses will have their in-house departments regarding HR, but for some, it’s simply not possible and an extra helping hand is required.

With so many out there, it’s hard to know who to trust in the recruitment business, with many merely chasing dollar signs instead of getting the perfect candidates. We’re proud to be highly rated in the construction industry and are here to buck the trend, however, providing a first-class service that put your interests, not your cash first.

That’s why we’ve put together a little blog on how a recruitment agency can benefit yourself and/or your business. So sit down, grab a cuppa and enjoy!

No more waiting for the candidates to come to you

If you post a job offer, you’re either inundated or there is tumbleweed floating around as you wait for candidates to apply. With a recruitment agency, it’s different. Our team here at NTR have a wealth of experience in tracking down the best talent for the role you want to fill.

We have CVs on file from previous applications, as well as a knack of hunting down those with the relevant skills. We are also able to filter out applications from people who may not have the required experience, ensuring that you only receive the CVs you want.

It saves so much time

Time is money of course, and if you’re spending half of your day trawling through wave after wave of CV, and chasing up any you like, it’s going to get rather tedious. Instead, hiring a recruitment agency alleviates the majority of this stress.

They can do sieve through the CVs as well as chasing up potential suitors. If needed, we can also conduct initial interviews, as well as negotiating contracts and final salary once the perfect candidate has been found.

We know all the tricks of the trade

Having worked in construction and the engineering sector ourselves for many years, we know a good candidate when we see one. We are also able to spot those who are perhaps trying the pull the wool over people’s eyes with their CVs or past work experience.

This expert knowledge in the industry makes us stand out, as we can identify those outstanding candidates and provide all the advice needed on their worth to your company. This is also beneficial during interviews, as we can conduct a rigorous interview based on knowledge, not just reading off a basic prompt sheet that may have been provided.

If you’re considering getting the help of a recruitment agency, then look no further than NTR. Give our team a call on 0121 667 4824 and we will point you in the right direction…