So you’ve found the job you want, you’ve fired off your CV and it’s impressed, but you’re now left with the daunting task of an interview.

It’s the stage that is seen as the most crucial, with a bad interview almost certain to ruin your chances of employment. It truly is survival of the fittest, and impressing at this stage can lead to you leapfrogging other candidates and securing the prized job on offer.

With this in mind, we’ve come up with five tips that we believe will help you at the interview stage, so come and take a look…

Preparation, preparation and more preparation!

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail… make sure you put the time in to research the job you’re applying for, the company that is interviewing you and the industry you’re going in to.

It will be expected that the best candidate has a great idea/knowledge of the job, but throwing in a few facts about the company or industry could make you stand out.

Write things down, memorise them and head into the interview knowing that you’re in good shape to smash it out of the park.

Be on time, early if anything!

Almost half of all employers would class lateness as their number one pet hate during interviews. There’s no real excuse, to not turn up to your scheduled appointment on time.

If you’re driving leave plenty of room for unexpected traffic, same goes for public transport.

The best time to arrive is 15 minutes before, this will give you ample time to check in with reception, who will then notify your interviewer/s that you have arrived and are indeed early.

Any earlier than this can come across as too keen, so if you find yourself waiting around go and grab a coffee until its closer to the 15-minute mark.

Dress the part!

Dress to impress, unless a dress code is specified. If you’ve been asked to do manual work afterwards then it may be worth bringing a change of clothes.

The main attire should be a shirt and tie, a full suit if you have one. This will not only show you’re keen about the job but you will look more professional in the process.

Make sure you look interested and keep eye contact!

Second, only to lateness is candidates looking uninterested and failing to keep eye contact.

You may be nervous but try and keep eye contact with the people interviewing you, acknowledging every member in the room if there is more than one, don’t just focus on the lead interviewer.

Don’t sit with your head down all the town, or give off a vibe that you don’t want to be there. Be excitable and happy to answer any questions that may come your way.

Follow up afterwards!

Make sure when leaving that you thank them for their time and shake their hands. This will leave a lasting impression and show how polite and well-mannered you are as a candidate.

If you feel it is the correct place to do so, then a follow-up email may also be worthwhile if you’ve had any previous conversation. Again just thank them for their time and let them know you look forward to their decision.

Do you have any other interview tips to help others? Let us know via social media!