You may feel like the world is against you at times, but fear not, stress at work is common. Statistics even suggest that 74% of the UK is ‘overwhelmed or unable to cope’ with the demands of the workplace.

People may not dislike their job, but sometimes the stress can be so unbearable that it seems like the only option is to find something new.

With that in mind, before you make any hasty decisions, come and take a look at our blog which outlines some ways you can cope with the strain of the job.


Focus on YOUR work

At the end of the day, you are paid for the work you do in your job title and contract. Whilst it may impress certain businesses if you are going above and beyond your duty, if this is impacting you completing your basic jobs, then stress will start to creep in.

Don’t get tied up with the conflicts that constantly surround the office or the site, instead, keep yourself to yourself as much of the day as possible and ensure that you can’t be pulled up on anything that should have been done.


Put slackers in their place

Work can be rife with people who think they can coast their way through life in autopilot, handing the majority of their duties out to others to complete.

Don’t be afraid to tell colleagues that a job is theirs to do and that you have your own to be getting on with.

If your boss has an approach like this, then ask to sit down with them and explain the role you are currently employed to do, and that you don’t think you can physically cope with the added workload.


Organisational skills

Does a sudden bout of ‘the fear’ come on every Sunday night, as the thought of Monday morning and stress at work kick in?

A lot of the time, this can be down to poor organisation. Get a set routine in work, plan your time wisely to fit with your schedule and Monday mornings will quickly become a breeze, rather than a hailstorm.

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail and the only person accountable for that is you. Take advantage of quiet nights to complete any work, or plan for the week ahead, and a big burden will feel like it has been lifted.


Avoid cabin fever

Being stuck inside all day, every day can be a pretty depressing thought, but so many of the UK continues to do it.

Break and lunchtimes are a perfect opportunity to head out and get some much-needed fresh air, helping your mind, body and soul to feel refreshed and ready for what is ahead.

If exercise is your thing, then a run or jog at lunch can do you the world of good.

Do you have any other top tips for avoiding stress at work? Let us know via Facebook. If none of the above makes a difference, then it may be time to look for a new job, we have a range of openings at National Temping Recruitment, which can be found here.