We’ve all been there, trying to find a job can feel like a never-ending trail of disappointment and rejection.

Here at National Temping Recruitment, we want to provide you with not only great jobs and listings but also some handy advice on landing any roles that come up.

This time it’s the turn of the capital of England, and one of the world’s biggest and (we’re not biased) best cities – London.

Our guide will hopefully give you some help in getting a job in the Big Smoke, so why not take a look?


Where to start?

Well thankfully, you’ve come to the right place for jobs. London is an absolute mecca for constant job openings, mainly due to its huge population and ever-growing demand for work.

It has arguably the best transport system in the world, so getting from one part of the city to another is never difficult, hence opening up the whole city to work. Due to this though, it can be a very tough job market, with many applicants, so you’ll need to set yourself apart from the rest.

Get a good CV and a cover letter to match (one which you can easily tweak dependent on the role) and make sure you’re on the ball with applying fast, sometimes the first applicant is enough to fill the role. Click here if you need help writing your CV.


Time it right

Unlike other cities across the UK that may suffer an influx or decrease in numbers during certain times of the year, the capital quite literally never sleeps.

It’s busy all year round, so the best advice we can give is to get in first and be prepared to take whatever job comes up. You can always get another job if it doesn’t work out, but being in employment will certainly make you more desirable.

A lot of younger people may look for jobs in London over the summer, but it may not make a huge impact. New Year is usually a good time as people look to move careers or roles.



Where to start?! London is huge and has a wealth of boroughs, neighbourhoods and areas. It is all dependent on budget, some postcodes need a lottery win to even look at the houses, whilst others may be extremely affordable. London isn’t cheap at all though, but the wages generally are higher.

Pick somewhere that gives you quick access to a Tube, Overground or National Rail line and you should be able to reach most parts of the city in under an hour.

The shorter your commute the more reliable you can be to future employers. As long as it’s in your budget and you’re happy with the potential commute then anywhere in London is acceptable.


Be Flexible

The highest-paid job may not always be on offer, nor may it be the most appealing, but showing a will to work all hours and any type of role may stand you in good stead.

London is a 24-hour city generally, so you can’t expect every job to be the standard 9-5, or have every weekend off. If your schedule allows it, then being able to work whenever will be a high asset to any business or employer in the capital, and is likely to get you onto that career ladder faster.

Remember to value yourself though, you will have a certain set of skills and you should back yourself to excel in whatever career you choose. Read up on some of the requirements, even if more training is needed, and make sure that your CV is as good if not better than the applicants.

All that’s left is to excel in the interview! If you need any further advice or are interested in seeing our London job openings click here.