In the United Kingdom today, the job market is becoming ever so demanding with figures suggesting that each job commanding around ten candidates to fill an opening of just one position. This demand has made it much more difficult to ensure you get the position but there are many ways to ensure that you get that position.

One of the first points of contact a potential employer will have with you is when they receive your cover letter with your CV. Many employers and statistics show that this first impression is very important to showcasing your skills as well as a little bit about you. A well designed and presented CV can help you secure your job.

Good Content

The first thing you need to do is take your current CV and get someone else to read through. Whether this is a friend or family member to make sure the written content of your CV, is easy to read and complimentary of your character. Once this has been read several times this will lead into my next point.

Spelling & Grammar

Spelling and grammar are crucial in any well presented CV. There is no excuse for poor spelling as all computers with internet can provide tools such as spell checkers and third party applications like Grammarly which will enhance your sentence structure. As this is the first point where an employer see anything from you, this needs to be accurate and correct.

Handwritten or typed CV?

Surprisingly many people still have only handwritten CV’s. These types of CV’s are not ideal to reproduce or expand on your skills. Using a computer program such as Google Docs or Microsoft Word to build your CV will instantly improve your chances and create a well rounded CV.


You do not need to be an artist or graphic designer to provide a stunning CV that blows the socks off a future employer. As long as your new CV design is clean, clear and concise you will have an employer hooked to read. Use good white space and borders can also have a huge impact on the readability of your CV. If you are unsure on how to create a good design take a look at Google there are many good example of simple CV designs that can be achieved easily.

Once you have your new CV ready to go, get your friends and family to read over it to make sure any little errors or mistakes can rectified before handing to potential employers. Once approved send it over to us and we’ll send it off to the appropriate client/company.