Interviewing Techniques

Whether you are an experienced interviewer or preparing to meet your very first candidate, knowing a few fundamentals of employment interviewing will help you conduct efficient and effective interviews.

Question Styles

Closed questions tend to close a candidate down. If used well, they establish useful facts:

“What class was your degree? Did you complete it?”

“How many new customers did you win last week?”

However, closed questions are often used badly, e.g.

“Did you enjoy your last job?”, “Did that lead to promotion?”, “Would you describe yourself as computer literate?”

Open questions are designed to encourage the candidate to talk, and to broaden out areas of information. They encourage frank disclosure in candidates, and should seek evidence of actual experience. Open questions may start with WHY, WHAT, WHERE, HOW – but a good opener is always.

“Tell me about…”

Probing questions are generally more complex and can be used when a candidate is more relaxed, e.g.

“Tell me more about the problems you faced”

“Tell me about a time when you had to deal with a difficult team member”

Leading to very high order questions such as: “What would you say was your greatest achievement?”

Question Styles to Avoid

Inappropriate Closed – Usually a succession of questions beginning “Did you…?” or “Have you…?”

Leading – Questions which encourage the candidate down a predictable path, e.g. “This role requires great attention to detail.”, “How would you fit in?”

Multiple – Asking several questions at once, or questions with multiple alternatives.

Fantasy – Questions which have nothing to do with the job, e.g. “If you could be an animal in the jungle, what animal would you be?”

Top Tips to avoid common Interview Mistakes


  • Prepare thoroughly, with a good understanding of the job
  • Get your administration in order – have all the paperwork and the meeting logistics organised
  • Explain the format, style and timeframe of the interview up front
  • Focus your questions on job-related evidence
  • Don’t ask too many closed or leading questions
  • Make sure to move beyond the information on the CV or application form
  • Probe the candidate’s claims, especially skill assertions
  • Establish and check all important facts, and summarise
  • Make sure all your questions are relevant, comprehensible and lawful

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Our Latest Engineering & Mechanical Jobs in the UK

Admin Assistant

Location: Coventry, West Midlands
Job Types: Full-time/Temporary
Reference ID: 1628
Rates: £20,000 per annum.


Bench Joiner

Location: Cradley Heath, Dudley, West Midlands
Job Types: Full-time
Reference ID: 1600
Rates: £8.60 to £10.00 /hour

, ,

Mechanical Fitters (Removal)

Location: Midlands, Liverpool
Duration: 4 months, 12-hour days
Reference ID:
Rates: TBC



Location: North Lanarkshire
Duration: 3 weeks
Reference ID: 1341
Rates: TBC

Commissioning Engineers

Location: Glasgow
Duration: 18-20 weeks
Reference ID: 1336
Rates: TBC

Installation Electrician

Location: Birmingham
Duration: 3 months
Reference ID: 1314
Rates: £18.00 – £19.00



Location: Manchester
Duration: 4 days
Reference ID: 1297
Rates: £20 p/h

Mechanical Fitters (Removal & Installation)

Location: Midlands
Duration: 3-4 weeks
Reference ID: 1292
Rates: TBC


Location – Park Royal, London
Start Date – ASAP
Duration – On-going, temporary role
Hours – 60 Hours per week including Saturday
Lodge – Not available
Rate – Starting from £13 per hour (LTD or CIS)
Reference ID: 1227

Mechanical Fitter

Location: Shropshire
Start Date: 15th April
Duration: 10 Weeks
Hours: 50 Monday to Friday ( 8 Hours Saturday)
Lodge: Not Available
Rate: £18 p/h (LTD, CIS)
Reference ID: 1225



Location: Sudbury Town
Duration: TBC
Reference ID: 1220
Rates: £20ph

, ,

x 4 Mechanical Fitters

Location: Skegness
Duration: 4 weeks minimum
Reference ID: 1205
Rates: £19.50 + digs

x 4 Electricians

Location: Skegness
Duration: 4-8 weeks
Positions: 4
Reference ID: 1201
Rates: £19:50ph + digs

Mechanical Fitters

Location: Midlands
Duration: Contract work, duration TBC
Positions: 9
Reference ID: 1179
Rates: £15 – 21 ph

Gold JIB Electricians

Location: London
Duration: TBC
Positions: 6
Refernce ID: 1173
Rates: £23ph

CPCS Lift Supervisor

Location: Scotland
Duration: 18-20 weeks
Positions: 1
Reference ID: 900
Rates: TBC

CPCS 360 Telehandler Driver

Location: Glasgow
Duration: 6-week project
Positions: 2
Reference ID: 897
Rates: TBC

, ,


Location: Derby
Duration: Starting 11th October – 14th October
Positions: 4
Reference ID: 880
Rates: £20ph


JIB Gold Card Electricians

Location: Leeds & Essex
Duration: 5-6 months
Positions: 6
Reference ID: 875
Rates: £21ph

, ,

Site Labourers / Fire Watchers

Location: Ellesmere Port
Project Duration: 6-8 weeks
Positions: 40
Reference ID: 864
Rates: TBD
Click job title for more details.


SSSTS Site Supervisors

Location: Various locations in the Midlands
Duration: Long-term contract positions available
Positions: 2
Reference ID: 859
Rates: Negotiable dependant on experience

, , , ,

SMSTS Site Managers

Location: Midlands
Project Duration: Long-term contract
Positions: 2
Reference ID: 857
Rates: Dependant on experience
Click job for more details

, , , , ,

Mechanical Fitters

Location: Various locations across the Midlands
Duration: Min. 9 months
Positions: 20
Reference ID: 846
Rates: TBC

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, , , , ,

Qualified Industrial Electricians

Location: UK
Duration: 10 weeks
Positions: 6
Reference ID: 840
Rates: £20ph +
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, , ,

Fitters Maters

Location: Port Tolbert
Duration: 2 weeks
Positions: 2
Reference ID: 835
Click job for more details

, , ,


Location: Birmingham
Duration: Contact us for more information
Positions: 2
Reference ID: 821
Rates: Contact us for more information

, , , ,

Mechanical Fitters

Location: Derby and various locations in the UK.
Project Duration: 13 weeks
Positions: 10
Reference ID: 773
Rates: £19.00 ph
Click job title for more details.

, , , ,

Mechanical Fitters

Location: Liverpool
Project Duration: On-going, Days & Nights 10-12hr shifts available
Rates of pay: £18.50 – £21.50ph