So you’re thinking of a career in mechanical engineering jobs, perhaps you’ve just graduated or maybe you’ve just always been intrigued by the profession?

Not only can jobs in this sector be some of the most well paid in the industry, but they can also involve working for a range of well-known companies.

Keep reading on about the varied choices available for those skilled in mechanical engineering jobs.

Aerospace Engineer Jobs

It’s something we can’t put out finger on exactly, but planes always bring out a sense of excitement in anyone and everyone. It’s a cool industry to work in too, with the fastest method of transport continuing to grow.

The UK boasts several hubs, including Airbus UK, which is the main wing manufacturer for the company at its North Wales branch. It also boasts a research and development centre in Bristol.

Rolls-Royce, the luxury car brand, are renowned for being the 2nd largest maker of aircraft engines.

This is a rewarding and highly respected industry to work in, with the bonus of potential work travel to other manufacturing plants across Europe and the Rest of the World.

Automotive Engineer Jobs

Coming down from the air and onto flat land, you’ll find a wealth of jobs in the automotive industry.

From cars to motorbikes, and vans to trucks, even the systems they all share, your expertise could be highly sought after.

It’s also one of the biggest industries, with career opportunities available worldwide, taking you to places you may have never imagined visiting.

Some of the biggest car makers in the UK include Jaguar Land Rover in Liverpool and Birmingham, Nissan in Sunderland and Mini in Oxford.

Nuclear Engineer Jobs

A role that involves plenty of risks, but also plenty of rewards. Nuclear engineers can quickly move up management and pay grades in a relatively short period.

Should you find yourself away from the office and in one of the various power or processing stations, then you may be on a shift pattern rather than the traditional 9-5, which could be seen as a bonus.

Visits to partner sites can be seen as another perk, with the chance to expand your knowledge as well as seeing new places.

Being well qualified in science can also give you a helping hand to get into the industry full time.

Biomedical Engineer Jobs

A chance to make a difference with the work you do. As technology improves, so will the need for more refined and functional prosthetics and artificial limbs.

Pacemakers, artificial organs and doctors aids will all be a part of what you do, perhaps changing the way people live in the process.

It’s an industry that will always be available, whether through the NHS or private healthcare, with a chance to make a real mark on how people live in the future.

Maintenance Engineer Jobs

You’re the person that makes everything tick. From the machines on the factory floor to the transport that delivers the products to the customer.

Things have to run smoothly and that’s why you’ll need to be busy and able to multitask. Having to learn new things such as how to repair machinery will also play a big part, as well as your current knowledge.

You’ll also be in charge of all the routine inspections and routines, so organisation is another key skill.

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