We first and foremost hope you all had a great Christmas and new year. I’m sure most people have now returned to the daily grind of the 9-5. The first week of the new year is always a difficult and bitter pill to swallow due to all the fun times and family adventures most of us get up to over the festive period. This time is also about reflection and to relax from a busy year, as well as to prepare well for the next year.

Once you have returned to your job and settled back in are you still feeling like Christmas time was too short, a little grumpier than normal? We all suffer from the post Xmas blues but if your current position isn’t making you happy, you feel undervalued or want to climb that career ladder once and for all, it may be time for new year, a new role.

The first bet is to ensure you want to actually find a new role or position. Once you have a clear mindset that you want to move on or grow, it is time to start planning how you can achieve your dream role. Below are a couple of steps you may wish to start with:

Look at Internal Progression

Firstly, why not see if your ideal promotion or position lies right under your nose in your current occupation. Many companies around January will look to expand their current workforce or plan for future projects and new roles may not be released for several weeks. Have a conversation with your manager or head of the line to discuss any potential progression routes internally that may become available.

Improve your CV or Portfolio

If you struggle to make any ground with your current employer on progression routes the next steps are to make your portfolio of work and CV are up to date. These are vital pieces of information most recruiters and future employers will require before discussing a role. Make sure your CV or portfolio is as current as you can make it allow employers to know what you’re currently doing.


Once your CV and portfolio are in good shape it is now a good time to start passing this out to relevant people. To make good movement in the job market you are always best to speak to recruiters who specialise in your area of expertise. This way you can ensure your CV and portfolio hit the mark with the right people.

Recruiter such as National Temping Recruitment will also be aware of new roles coming onboard and other roles which may suit you better. Finding a new role is difficult and recruiters like us can help you along the way.

If you are looking to expand your reach in your job search then send us your CV and we’ll be in touch when any jobs that suit you come up. Alternatively, you can go to our jobs page and see if any of our current opportunities are what you fancy.