3 simple reasons why you should use a recruitment Agency for your recruitment

In the UK at the moment many people are struggling to find that perfect job role. Many people use different methods to achieve their goal of getting that dream position including using recruitment agencies. Many people use recruitment agencies to help them get selected for the best roles within their chosen skill set. Also, many employers and businesses are turning to recruitment as a means of finding new employees and there are many reasons for this.

Good Candidates

Good solid candidates are really hard to find. Most employees who have a great skill set to match your position may be currently in a position elsewhere and not potentially looking for a new position unless something changes within their current role and they look to leave. Recruitment agencies have lots of ties to the employee market and able to head hunt or find the cream of the crop of candidates.

Filter unsuitable candidates

Again recruitment agencies are great at filtering out some of the employees who are not suitable for the position available. Ideally, you do not want to waste your time filtering through tens if not hundreds of CV’s to handpick the candidates you wish to contact. As this takes the time it effectively costs you money to complete this search. With a recruitment agency, you will find they have huge potential to spot candidates who do not fit the bill. They will also have a good chat normally by a call with any potential person prior to handing any CV over to yourself for a full formal interview.

By the stage of a formal interview, you will normally have a very good idea that the people put forward by a recruiter are of good stead and match what you are looking for.

Recruitment agencies have their eye on the market

Recruitment agencies live the world of candidates and the job market. Any good recruitment agency will have staff continually looking for great potential candidates as well as having an ear on the ground for any future changes in your current industry.

Recruiters can take note of any potential salary increases that you may need to adapt to find the ideal candidate. These agencies will partner with your business to ensure the staff member is an asset to your team.

Overall using a recruiter or recruitment agency is a valuable option. This can save you time and money in investing in staff whilst you are growing as a business.