Having the right Work to Life Balance is important, working long forty hour plus weeks every week can take a toll on anyone’s life. They can begin to feel trapped within their workplace and feel like they never really leave to enjoy their lives, which everyone should be able to do freely. I strongly believe that we should only work to be able to fund the finer things in life. If you’re not enjoying life then you clearly need a change, and if that change is your job, then so be it!

Finding the correct Work to Life Balance can be hard! If you have a high pressured job that requires a lot of your time then how are you going to fit going to the gym in, with seeing friends, with spending time with your family and even eating! It seems that a lot of people have a working breakfast, lunch and even sometimes dinner! Everyone is constantly on the go and sometimes we just need to stop and take a step back!

Now I’m not saying quit your job, as ultimately everyone needs money to survive. However, if you are not getting the correct balance in and it is draining your soul out of you, then why not try and drop some hours? This would free up some time for other things like going to the cinemas or eating out. Maybe you have young children that go to school/nursery and you have to pay someone to look after them? Why not drop some hours and spend time with your kids instead, you would be missing out on income but also saving money on childcare and spending valuable time with your little ones in the process!

The benefits of having the right Work to Life Balance are that your mood will be improved which can only mean you will be more productive in your life! You will also improve your mental state by not being so tired all the time and get the correct nutrients into your diet! If you’re not in the correct frame of mind, then should you be working all of these hours? Sometimes you just have to ask yourself these questions to evaluate if your balance is good or bad, and make a decision from there!