Electricians are often seen as the backbone of society, keeping everything ticking over. A job that will only grow in the importance as we enter a new technological age.

Whether you’re looking for a career move, or are just intrigued by the world of electrical, then this blog is for you.

We have vacancies for electricians popping up all of the time and in many different sectors. So without further ado, come and check out the different types of electricians and what their job entails.


Domestic Electrician

The most popular job, you’re the handyman that everyone needs, with the ability to fix pretty much anything around the house, from sockets to wiring throughout new and used properties.

Many domestic electricians tend to be self-employed, but can also be contracted to different building and construction firms.

But did you know, you could also be qualified to work in any of the different electrician roles below?


Maintenance Electrician

The unsung heroes of the everyday world. Maintenance electricians ensure that the technology, equipment and systems we use day in day out continue to work without any hiccups.

Without them, businesses could be facing long and expensive downtimes, so there is a lot of pressure on maintenance electricians to ensure thing run to plan, and can be fixed safely and with minimal fuss.


Highway Electrical Systems Electrician

One thing our little island is renowned for is its miles and miles and roads, motorways and traffic management systems.

With great responsibility, comes the opportunity to be someone who oversees all of these systems and can replace them when things go wrong.

From the street lights to the traffic lights and motorway signage, they all need to be working around the clock.


Installation Electrician

Similar to a domestic electrician, only you can be tasked with larger and more pressurised jobs like working on major construction sites and businesses as well as homes.

You’ll be needed for more than just the handy jobs too, with security, lighting and more all an important part of being an installation electrician.

The jobs above are merely a taster of what life can be like in the electrical industry, with new and exciting roles appearing all of the time. It’s only going to get bigger and better, and it certainly is exciting times ahead for those already in or wanting to be in the industry.

If you work as an electrician or are currently in training, then you can find a range of vacancies on our jobs page, with offerings available across the country. Our team of experts will be happy to provide any advice on 0121 667 4824.