A mechanical fitter plays a key role in the workplace, especially in the production, aviation and automobile industry.

It is an important part of the construction world, with average salaries above £30,000 per annum, it’s a sought after career choice that has many benefits.

Our latest blogs focus on the role of a mechanical fitter, as well as giving some advice onto getting a job in this interesting sector.


What does a mechanical fitter do?

A mechanical fitter plays a key role in both fitting and putting together parts to make production machinery. They need to be equipped in both using hand and machine tools, as well as being a good problem solver as not many jobs are ever simple.

You will be responsible for not only building the units or products required but also drawing plans and specifications, as well as keeping on top of scheduled build times, something that can be out of your control.

A mechanical fitter will usually have several people report to them too, including contract staff, so it is important that they also are aware of the machinery they are working with, and the dangers of misuse.


What experiences do I need to be a mechanical fitter?

Of course, you can go down the academic route, with good GCSEs in English, Maths and Science expected. A degree in a relevant field would also be expected.

Alternatively, if you opt to go down the vocational route, then a range of level 2 and 3 certificates and diploma could put you in good stead to get that dream job as a mechanical fitter. A mechanical engineering apprenticeship would also be highly sought after.

Other key traits include experience in a similar workplace environment, specifically one that deals in a project build, and an impressive CV from recognised engineering companies.


Where in the world are mechanical fitters needed?

Everywhere is the answer. Mechanical fitters will always be needed, with businesses and factories throughout the UK and the rest of the world constantly on the lookout for the best in the business to overlook their new builds.

With the constant job opportunities, this means that vacancies regularly pop up and are waiting to be filled. Because of the vast openings, you can also choose jobs to suit your lifestyle, with shift work and the generic 9-5s all available, with each company differing.

Are you interested in beginning a career as a mechanical fitter? Or perhaps you feel that your expertise will stand you in good stead in this industry? Check out our jobs page and upload your CV or call our friendly team on 0121 667 4824, and they will do their best at finding you the job you want!