Finding a job in Manchester can be a painstakingly slow process, and there are various hurdles you’ll need to jump along the way in order to get either the job you want or simply any job that is going.

Thankfully, we’ve come up with what we believe is a handy guide to helping you find a job Manchester, the glorious heart of the North West

Experiencing an unrivalled boom in recent years, Manchester is now arguably England’s second city, thanks to a wealth of investment in infrastructure and a number of big companies jumping ship from the capital due to rising costs.

So why not take a look at some of our top tips on how to bag yourself the perfect job in Manchester.

Where to start?

With the city continually growing, and its close transport links to almost all of North West England and parts of Yorkshire, Manchester boasts one of the more competitive job markets in the UK.

To combat this, you’ll need to have both experience and a CV that really stands out from the crowd.

Pinpoint the career you want, work out what you need to have to get into it, and go from there.

Time it right

If you choose your time to search right, you could find that there are far fewer applicants or a sudden influx of jobs in Manchester.

January and February is a key time for people to leave a company. They’ve got the magic of Christmas out the way, and suddenly it’s back to reality with a bang. Many see the New Year as the ideal chance to change vocation, either as a resolution or simply to make themselves happier.

Another one is to make sure you beat the graduates. With most universities and colleges finishing around June time, you ideally want to start looking in April to try and get your pick of the best vacancies.


Manchester has a pretty large surface area, and this can work massively in your favour.

The dream for many is to live in the very heart, but not only does this comes at a cost, the openings are limited and extremely sought after.

For example, nearby Salford, whilst boasting Media City, should your profession be away from broadcast and TV, you’ll find far less demand for roles.

Stockport, Chorlton, Trafford, Middleton and more all provide various occupations and will take no time to get via train, tram or bus.

Be Flexible

Your dream role may not be available, but all experience is good experience. Prepare to work long hours or in a location that may take slightly longer to get to and from. Whilst it may not be ideal it will keep you in employment and there’s always plenty of time to search for something better.

Mechanical jobs in Manchester may be scarce for example, however similar areas of expertise might have spaces. You’ll not only have a better chance of employment, but you’ll be adding extra strings to your bow and CV that could help further your career in the long run.

Here at National Temping Recruitment, we know how hard it can be trying to find a job as an engineer, mechanic or any role because we’ve been there. Simply upload your CV and we can do the difficult part for you or you can call us for more information on 0121 667 4824.