It can be both a daunting and exciting time, but when it comes to looking for jobs, the majority don’t even know where to start! Some tell you to do this, others that, it can be a real merry go round of applications, without even knowing whether you’re impressing employers or not.

Fear not though, here at NTR, we’ve come up with a few top tips to finding jobs in Liverpool. Hopefully, with our help you’ll be jumping on the Magical Mystery Tour of employment, now isn’t that something to Twist and Shout about?!

Where to start?

Whether you’re local or looking in from afar, you’ll be instantly met by the welcoming people of Liverpool. This can be especially helpful in the employment sector, with the opportunity to be treated as one of the city’s own in no time, something that can’t be said for some of the UK’s other major cities.

Whilst it may be smaller in size than nearby Manchester and Birmingham, it certainly packs a punch and there is an impressive range of jobs in Liverpool to apply for.

Time it right

There are a few things to consider. Liverpool has a massive influx of students, so if you’re looking at careers that are popular with graduates, it’s best to get in before them. They’ll generally graduate in June, July or August, so getting well ahead of the game can be a big benefit.

College and school leavers are the same, with any deciding against higher education going straight into employment around the same summer months, either part, full-time or through apprenticeships.

In the winter months, after Christmas, is another good time to start your hunt. Construction jobs and similar aren’t the most sought after in these cold periods, as well as being a popular time for workers to look for a fresh start and change employment.


Liverpool is far bigger than many think. Yes, the city centre might be just a short stroll from one end to the other, but the actual region is huge. Including the local authority districts of Halton, Knowsley, Sefton, St Helens and Wirral, the opportunities for work are vast.

It also has great road and rail networks, with trains and buses able to take you to all of the above-mentioned places. All boast major towns, and there is always a need for jobs of all types and contracts.

Having a clean driving licence can also help. It’s just a short drive to pretty much anywhere in and around the city (40 minutes maximum), so you’ll be a real asset if you can travel or even drive the company vehicles around.

Be Flexible

Be prepared to wait and you’ll quickly see the wonders that this city has to offer. Your ideal job may not be there at first, but it will eventually come up.

Southerners usually tend to opt for Manchester when it comes to relocating, so although Scousers generally stay loyal to the city, jobs in Liverpool do come up all the time.

Being in employment will also stand you in greater stead of getting other work that may suit you better if you decide to move on.